EFD Marine have years of experience designing galleys in a variety of environments, including; fishing boats, merchant ships, supply boats, ferries, and cruise ships. Our innovative catering equipment offerings are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project.

We take pride in our compliance with industry standards, including NORSOK, USPH, and other environmental health regulations. Our galley equipment supply and installation services are meticulously executed to ensure top-notch performance and adherence to these recognized standards.nnSpecializing in bespoke stainless steel fabrication, our marine catering equipment is designed for 24-hour operation, providing seamless functionality in demanding environments. With a variety of electrical specification options available, we guarantee a perfect fit for your vessel's needs. Join our satisfied clients and experience our unparalleled marine galley solutions.


Our understanding of how an offshore galley works is extensive, and with over 30-years’ experience we design robust, productive and safe workplaces for the most demanding environments.


We specify heavy-duty galley equipment with proven field results and a history of reliability.


Utilising a strong stainless steel frame with attractive and durable finishes, including HPL-Compact fascia and real-stone or quartz worktops, we create ergonomic, practical and hygienic counters that provide years of high-capacity operation at consistently accurate temperatures.


Our coldrooms are designed, bespoke to our marine customer specifications, and to serve the application with reliability, durability and ease of maintenance in mind.


We ensure the correct cooling system is designed to ensure best working practices and suitability for the environment.


We create laundry systems purely designed for the demands of workers on oil platforms.


Robust machines with a long lifespan and easy maintenance, along with flexible programs and safety features to guarantee the health and comfort of the team.

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