EFD TV – episode 2

Welcome back to EFD TV. Jeff here from Elite Foodservice Design, and in episode 2 we're introducing you to Rationals’ groundbreaking iVario Pro range of multi-function cooking pans.nnThese revolutionary appliances are transforming the way commercial kitchens operate, offering versatility, reduced running costs and the ultimate convenience for chefs.nnGet ready to experience the future of cooking!nnHi there, Richard here again from Elite Foodservice Design for episode 2 of EFD TV, and for this one we're covering the Rational iVario pans, the game-changing multi-function appliance that, in our opinion, is really taking the catering industry by storm.nnWe're finding that in so many projects, that we're designing at the moment, that we're using this particular multi-function appliance. We find that it really fits in with our ethos of energy Saving and also with the footprint, you can do so much with the unit with kitchens becoming so small.nnMy opinion on this product is, professional distributor selling is so important. Training to the end user (is) absolutely vital, so don't underestimate how important that is. If you use these appliances correctly it's the equivalent of having another chef in the kitchen.nnWithout further Ado, I'd like to hand you over to Daniel our head designer who'll just take you through a plan that we're working on at the moment and some of the benefits of using the appliance.nnHey I'm Daniel, I'm the design manager at EFD and with me as always is my trusty assistant Ian Curtis, who as you can see is helping me out on a couple of projects we've got coming up.nnA project we recently worked on was Media Molecule. They are a games developer for Sony PlayStation. It's a really exciting project for me, being a bit of a gamer and something, I really was looking forward to being part of.nnWe revamped their staff canteen area, they needed to allow for a lot more staff to come in… visitors, so we developed a small cooking area for them, servery… back to house cooking equipment.nnOne of the pieces of equipment we really wanted to use on this was the iVario from Rational, so here are a few visuals and a few descriptions and reasons as to why we saw this as an essential piece of equipment.nnKath and her team at Media Molecule want to be able to produce a very varied menu, changing daily, multicultural dishes, different allergy groups, and something fresh and exciting for staff and visitors there.nnThe team were already familiar with the Rational Combi Ovens, and so would be easily able to understand the control layout and adapt to the varied functions of the iVario.nnThe model we wanted to use here was the Pro-2S, which is the larger of the two pan models. As you can see the cookline space we had to work with wasn't that huge, around eight and a half meters. The compact footprint of the Pro-2s and its huge versatility meant it would slot in quite nicely and provide significant menu options.nnIt heats up very quickly but Its clever temperature management system means nothing burns or over boils, meaning Kath can be working on a myriad of things without having to stand over the ivario.nnThanks Daniel, welcome everyone. Today we're diving into the amazing Rational iVario Pro.nnThe iVario Pro is a true culinary powerhouse. It combines various cooking techniques in one appliance, giving you unparalleled versatility. With the iVario Pro you have complete control over temperature, from gentle simmering to high temperature searing achieving perfect results every time.nnSay goodbye to unevenly cooked dishes the iVario Pro ensures consistent heat distribution across its cooking surface, ensuring your food is perfectly cooked from edge to edge.nnThe iVario Pro saves you valuable time. Its rapid heating capabilities and quick temperature adjustments speed up the cooking process allowing you to serve delicious meals faster.nnSave on energy costs with the iVario Pro. Its intelligent heating system optimizes energy usage minimizing waste while maintaining top-notch cooking performance.