EFD TV – episode 3

Join EFD TV for a refrigeration special. Today we feature Williams Refrigeration, get expert tips and advice on selecting the perfect refrigeration product, so don't miss out on this informative episode.nnHi Richard here again from EFD TV and welcome back to episode three. Today we're going to be covering an absolute minefield of the catering industry and that is Refrigeration.nnI can't think of a more crowded area of the marketplace and I think customers must look at what's available with utter confusion, so today I'm going to attempt the impossible and that is really in two or three minutes just to cut through that fog.nnWe as designers have to offer the customer the right choice, the right selection of choices and there's nothing worse for me knowing that a kitchen that we're involved in has been online, they've fallen into the trap of just looking at lists of equipment, lists of fridges at low-cost points and they've purchased the wrong item.nnI don't know what the answer is to this in our industry but it's something, I think it's one of the reasons why I started EFD. When we specify a commercial fridge into a new kitchen installation it has to perform, it has to perform week in week out, year after year preserving the quality of the food, protecting the customers of the restaurant. It's just vital and I've never understood the reasoning behind buying just a fridge based on low-cost.nnThis particular episode is all about Williams Refrigeration and obviously in this short episode we can't cover everything technical. We often visit kitchens we're surveying, we're speaking to chefs, we're talking to operators for new concepts and new schemes and very often we'll walk into a kitchen and there we will see a Williams fridge, and not just a new Williams fridge sitting in the corner but, you know, a unit which has been there for maybe 20 up to 25 years.nnI'll often speak to a chef and say, you know Chef, that Williams fridge you've had what is it, has it ever given you any problems? Once when I first started we changed the door seal but no it's worked. We're talking about a product that performs and it's not marketing and it's not sales it's in the field. Really for this episode no matter what else we say about these cabinets that is the reason why we're featuring Williams as one of our trusted suppliers.nnI think it's time to get over to the computer get a project on the screen and then let's just have a little look at why we featured Williams on this particular project.nnThis is the Ostrich Inn in South Creek and if you’re ever in that area this is a great gastro pub to visit. So we've got a cooking Island and right underneath here within this key spot are two Williams flexi-temp, drawers so we've got good temperature controllability directly under key appliances the induction hob and also the mirror Plancha.nnThese particular units, although they have the built-in look, they're on castors so they can be moved out for cleaning/storage, and as I said the chef can set this particular drawer as a freezer, this has a meat temperature, so both units are very versatile for this particular purpose.nnThanks Richard and welcome. I would like to present an overview of Williams Refrigeration the leading commercial refrigeration manufacturer based in Kings lynn.nnWilliams Refrigeration has been at the forefront of the industry for over 40years, providing innovative, reliable and energy efficient refrigeration solutions to businesses around the world.nnWilliams Refrigeration boasts an extensive range of products designed to cater to various industries and businesses. Let's take a closer look at some of their key offerings.nnTheir undercounter refrigeration units are compact versatile and perfect for establishments with limited space, from restaurants and bars to cafeterias and hotels these units provide efficient cooling while maximizing storage capacity. With features such as precise temperature control and easy accessibility, Williams undercounter refrigeration ensures optimal freshness for your ingredients and products.nnThe Williams state of the art facility combines advanced technology with skilled craftsmanship to produce refrigeration units of the highest quality.