EFD TV – episode 4

Welcome to EFD TV, in this episode we discuss bespoke cooking suites. Are you tired of outdated cooking methods and skyrocketing energy costs?nnIntroducing Control Induction, the secret to elevating your kitchen deficiency and slashing costs, Control Induction technology will streamline your operation while impressing your customers.nnImagine faster cooking times, consistent heat and safer kitchens, all while freeing up valuable kitchen space for more creativity.nnOur personalised designs and top of the line technology will revolutionize your kitchen and your bottom line. Here's Richard to explain more.nnHi Richard here again from EFD TV and today is all about bespoke cooking suites.nnWhenever we get involved in a new suite, I have to say it's a really exciting time. What we're really doing is we're creating the reality of the chef's dream, the centrepiece of the restaurant and there's something for me that's just so permanent about a bespoke suite. It almost has a soul and I think for many restaurants it becomes the centrepiece, the beating heart of the restaurant.nnThe overriding factor for me is the absolute quality of the bespoke cooking range. Every unit is completely individual, built by hand in their factory within the UK. The worktops are 3mm stainless steel with beautiful mirror polish detailing, with a grain finish on top and so many options and availabilities within the design.nnWhen working with a chef designing a new Control Induction cooking suite we have to get the design right and this often involves many revisions but it also gives us the opportunity to use one of our technologies which is Augmented Reality.nnThis is where we project our digital models into the real world and this gives the chef the opportunity to walk around their suite before it's ever built and actually to see it to scale. That way they can realize their dream to perfection.nnWe don't want to go into the build until everything's a hundred percent right and today what we're going to do is something that I haven't seen in the catering industry before, we're going to project one of our Control Induction suite designs, full size in the real world.nnSo here we are with the Augmented Reality, I've picked a site that's a little bit industrial so we get a good idea of scale for the unit. As you can see, we've utilized all the key items of Control Induction that I think are quite unique and that being the French Plancha as you can see. That gives a very very even heat, it's suitable for pan use as well as surface cooking.nnWe've got Valentine drop-in fryer that fit in really well, and of course an Adande completely built-in drawer which I just think looks fantastic. Then individual induction plates of course, and something that we really love designing with is the control induction slider unit that is the equivalent of the old-fashioned solid top but of course high-tech induction which allows different temperature zones across the surface.nnThanks Richard, welcome to Control Induction the UK's leader in cutting edge induction technology. This revolutionary company is transforming the commercial catering industry.nnControl Induction deliver unparalleled energy efficiency and cooking performance. The advanced induction technology provides precise and instant heat for a seamless cooking experience. With faster heat up times the cooktops and heating systems save you valuable time and money.nnSafety is paramount, induction technology eliminates the risk of gas leaks and open flames offering a secure cooler cooking environment. With precise temperature control and automatic safety features you can cook with peace of mind.nnWe prioritize design and functionality. The sleek and modern cooktops blend seamlessly into any kitchen and clean down at the end of service is a simple wipe down with our one-piece tops.