EFD TV – episode 1

Welcome one and all to EFD TV, the channel that brings you the latest trends, news, offers and insights from the world of catering equipment.nnAre you involved in the catering industry? Then this is the channel for you! Get ready to keep up with the future of food service design at Elite Foodservice Design.nnWe have over 30 years of experience in the catering industry and are distributors of leading brands. We're here to provide you with clear and accurate information, cut through the confusion caused by misinformation online.nnOur first episode is sponsored by Rational, the leading manufacturer of combination ovens and iVario multifunction cooking pans.nnJoin us as we explore the world of catering equipment and discover the latest trends and developments in the industry.nnHi this is Richard from EFD and I hope you're enjoying this first episode of EFD TV.nnRational… wow! I've been selling these ovens for over 25 years and I can remember a time when we would visit a kitchen and it was actually so hard to convince a chef or an owner that having a Combi steam oven was really the way to go, and to see their domination in the marketplace now it's just incredible to me.nnI've always felt, and I always will feel, that these ovens should be sold through a professional distributor network. The reason is I think you need to be certain that you've selected the right model, you need to be absolutely 100% that you've got the right electric supply. Your water, your waste is all perfect for the installation and you'll only ever really know that dealing with a professional distributor, so that's my key advice for these ovens.nnI've never thought they should really be sold online, just a click of a credit card number without that professional advice, and so use us, we're here, we've been selling them for years.nnI'll hand over to Jenny now…nnThanks Richard, this is Jenny here and I can explain more.nnIntroducing the Rational iCombi Pro combination steaming oven, where culinary Innovation meets convenience.nnThis advanced oven seamlessly combines the precision of steam cooking with the versatility of a convection oven. With the iCombi Pro you can effortlessly steam delicate fish, roast succulent meats, bake heavenly pastries and even grill smoky vegetables. It's intelligent cooking programs ensure consistent flawless results every time.nnThe intuitive touch screen interface offers easy access to a range of cooking options while the multi-level cooking function and rapid heat up feature maximize efficiency. Cleaning up is a breeze with the self-cleaning function.nnDiscover a world of culinary possibilities with the Rational iCombi Pro!